Do Vinyl Fleet Graphics Damage the Car?

Let’s imagine you own a roofing company that’s just purchased three new work trucks and two work vans for the business. You’re checking out your new fleet and while the trucks and vans looks great, they’re doing nothing for your business with their boring stock paint and design. If you’re truly going to make the fleet a part of your company, you need vinyl fleet graphics. Fleet graphics use [...]

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Can I Polish Vinyl Wrap?

We all want our vehicles to look clean and bright. This is especially true if your vehicle is wrapped. An ideal vinyl wrap is clean, readable, and bright enough to catch the attention of people passing by. With a traditional vehicle keeping things bright and shiny means a solid wash and polish, but can you polish vinyl wrap? You can polish a vehicle wrap, but not in the traditional [...]

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Can You Vinyl Wrap Wheels?

Vinyl wraps have become the go-to option to advertise your business on your vehicle easily and affordably. Vinyl wraps are 100% customizable, last for years, and can show off your service or company to thousands of potential customers. If vinyl wraps are 100% customizable, does that mean you can wrap any part of the vehicle – like the wheels? Let’s learn if you can vinyl wrap wheels and some [...]

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How Long Does It Take to Wrap a Car?

Every time you see a wrapped vehicle on the highway or neighborhood street it catches your eye, doesn’t it? Brightly colored and customized vehicle wraps are one of the easiest ways to advertise your business or display your credentials everywhere you go. If you’re interested in installing a custom vehicle wrap you probably have a lot of questions before you started like how long does it take to wrap [...]

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Is it Cheaper to Wrap or Paint a Car?

It’s time for you to do something about your boring work truck. Turning your vehicle into a moving billboard is a popular way to advertise your business to thousands of people but you have to choose between a custom paint job or vehicle wrap. Is a vehicle wrap or custom paint job better? When transforming your work vehicle into mobile advertising a large factor will be the cost. Is [...]

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How Long Does a Vinyl Wrap Last?

It’s difficult not to notice a wrapped vehicle - and that’s exactly why wraps exist. Car wraps are an inexpensive way to show off your business or service and because a wrapped vehicle travels – you can get upwards of 40,000 views a day on busy roads. Car wraps are much more customizable and affordable than a custom paint job, but how do vinyl wraps compare to paint when [...]

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How to Prep a Car for Vinyl Wrap

Need a way to easily mark your county’s patrol cars? Do you want to show off your business every time you take the kids to soccer practice? You’re looking for a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are affordable, 100% customizable, and can quickly put thousands of eyes on your vehicle. If you’ve decided a vinyl wrap is right for you, what do you need to do to prep your vehicle? [...]

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Ace Handyman Fleet Graphics

Ace Handyman - Commercial Fleet Graphics When Ace Hardware decided to expand their business to include handyman services, a franchisee came to The Artworks for their fleet graphics needs. Despite being based out of Colorado Springs, this Ace Handyman Service chose our vehicle graphics design, print, and install services. Our expert team of installers did a flawless installation of die-cut vinyl to give the appearance of a full [...]

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All Copy Fleet Graphics

All Copy - Commercial Fleet Graphics Brand consistency and recognition. One of the things that we really pride ourselves on here is our attention to detail on ensuring brand consistency across all different vehicle platforms. Our friends over at All Copy Products have all sorts of vehicles to be able to do their job efficiently. We worked closely with them on their brand re-design recently and we wanted [...]

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Autonation Fleet Graphics – Parade of Lights

Autonation Fleet Graphics - Parade of Lights When our friends at Autonation needed fleet graphics for their Parade of Lights vehicles they contacted The Artworks for a custom design and install. This fleet is a prime example of how with proper design, any vehicle in a fleet can have matching graphics package and increase brand cohesion. Utilizing the same design conecpt we wrapped a Jeep Compass, GMC Sierra, [...]

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