The Artworks can work closely with you and your designer (if you have one) to come up with a 100% coverage wrap on your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles. Our in-house designers have completed literally hundreds of vehicle wraps in our 30 years in business. So, we pay particular attention to how window frames will affect the final design. How wheel well moldings will be affect the placement of graphics.

The last thing you want is to have a key element in a place that won’t work due to the base vehicle restrictions. We can even carry the design over the windows. By using window-perforated materials, this allows for the design to flow as designed rather being chopped up by the base vehicle restrictions. Believe it or not, but there are different types of window-perforated materials available. We use the proper base material for the proper application…. 100% of the time.

We can even cover 100% of the painted surfaces with “Paint Replacement” vinyl’s. So, if the dealer only had white “fleet” vehicles in stock and you needed green…. We can wrap it. This will help with your brand awareness and not penalize you by returning a painted vehicle at the time the lease is up or when you try to sell the vehicle. We can just pull off the vinyl and POOF, its’ white again.

Bottom line, The Artworks is here to help you achieve your end goal of your brand. We can do just about anything to help you get what you need. Just ask.