Fire Truck and Ambulance Graphics

While creating a professional, sleek design for the many types of vehicles in a fire department, the most important consideration is safety. The Artworks can achieve a balance between safety and aesthetics.

Using reflective, non-reflective, striping, lettering, and adding 22k gold leaf; your agency will be proud of the results. Custom Maltese designs and decals, equipment labels and mascot decals are just some of the other products available for Fire truck and Ambulance graphics.

The Artworks has always been a leader in the use of 3M and Avery reflective and non-reflective vinyl in the Denver Metro area. For many years, reflective stripes, chevrons and lettering have been instrumental in providing visual safety for fire and ambulance safety.

  • Larkspur Fire Department - Fire TruckGraphics
  • Castle Rock Fire Dept - Fire Truck Graphics
  • DIA Snowcat Emergency - Rescue Vehicle Graphics

Now that prismatic retro-reflective materials are mandated by the NFPA and adopted by Federal Standard KKK-A-1822 for ambulance construction, we have purchased one of the only plotters made in the USA that will cut and seal the 3M Diamond Grade Cubed (DG3) reflective vinyl. We’re one of the few companies that are carrying the new Avery V-8000 prismatic retro-reflective material that meets all of the Federal Standards for Fire and EMS vehicles. These highly retro-reflective products provide much greater reflectivity and visibility over the standard “beaded” reflective materials commonly found on ambulance and fire truck graphics. These prismatic retro-reflective products were specifically designed for night time and poor visibility weather conditions (rain, snow, and fog).

Since we have the advanced cutting and sealing plotter for DG3 products, and we carry the Avery V-8000 reflective products that don’t need sealing, we’re doing our best to invest in the long-term durability and reliability of the product. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment in safety is built to last!