There are dozens of different ways to promote your business, but some methods are more cost-effective than others. Advertising, marketing, and promotion can always seem like a gamble. However, if you invest your advertising dollars right, they will reward you with the number one benefit from advertising – a return on your investment.

If you need a cost-effective and efficient way to promote your store or service, advertising with vehicle wraps has become a go-to. Only a few years ago it was rare to see wrapped vehicles. Look around the next time you’re on the highway and you’ll see maid services, landscapers, roofers, and other services with eye-catching vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Fleet Advertising

Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Read on to learn more about vehicle advertising including what it is, raw numbers on the impact it can make, and get an answer to the question, “Does vehicle wrap advertising work?”

What is Vehicle Advertising?

Vehicle advertising is uses graphics, namely vinyl wraps, to advertise your business. Vehicle wraps are essentially large-scale vinyl decals designed to turn your vehicle into a custom mobile billboard.

Getting the Most for Your Dollars with Vehicle Advertising

The name of the game with vehicle advertising is “impressions.” Impressions is ad-speak for the viewing or engagement with an advertisement. Anytime someone looks at your vehicle, the branding has been ‘impressed’ on them. The more impressions, the more people have engaged with your promotion, and the more likely you’ll see a return on investment.

How effective are wraps with impressions? Let’s look at the raw numbers from ad experts:

  • According to ad conglomerate ARD Ventures, the average vehicle wrap can make 30 to 70,000 DAILY impressions. Can you imagine if an ad for your website was seen by tens of thousands daily?

  • RYP & Becker peg their recall rate for mobile outdoor billboards at 97%. That recall rate is almost unheard of in other forms of advertising.

  • Ad research firm Perception Research states mobile advertising generates almost three times the attention as a stationary billboard.

Vehicle Advertising
Vehicle Advertising
Vehicle Advertising
Box Truck Fleet Vehicle Advertising

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Does Vehicle Wrap Advertising Work?

  • Always Advertising – Driving your kids to soccer practice? You’re advertising. Your daily commute? Advertising. A vehicle wrap means anytime you make a trip, you’re promoting your business without any real work on your end. Vehicle wraps are the always advertising gift that keeps on giving.

  • Affordable – A custom paint job is expensive and the more customization and details you want, the more expensive it will end up. Because wraps are designed, printed, and then applied, you can get several details, colors, and logos you likely can’t afford with a custom paint job.

  • Bang for Buck – You simply cannot find a promotion that gives you the amount of exposure per cost like vehicle wraps do. Slide over a one-time payment for the wrap and start raking in the impressions.

  • Convenient – Because they must strip the vehicle then carefully re-apply paint, custom paint jobs can take a few days before your vehicle is ready. Vehicle wraps take much less labor and time so you can get your vehicle back within a few hours compared to days.

Vehicle Wraps in the Denver Metro

The traffic in the Denver metro is getting worse every day, but all those drivers mean it’s easy to get thousands of impressions on your vehicle wrap simply by driving to work.

How many impressions? According to information from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CODoT), Denver’s Interstate 25 corridor saw as many as 200,000 daily vehicles in 2017. Ask any Denver resident and they’ll tell you the traffic has only increased since 2017. Denver’s east to west Interstate 70 regularly sees traffic in the hundreds of thousands. Keep in mind, that doesn’t include the other tens of thousands shuttling around the miles of other Denver roadways.

The idea behind vehicle wraps is the low cost for views and impressions. The Denver metro’s gridlock offers you hundreds of thousands of passive opportunities.

More About Vehicle Business Wraps

You and a designer will work together to design a custom logo, color scheme, and other graphics for your vehicle advertising. The fun part about vehicle business wraps? They are 100% customizable. With a vehicle business wrap you can choose:

  • Font – You can choose a formal script font or a bold font with no frills. Vehicle wraps give you dozens of font options.

  • Size and Scale – Your logo can be small; your phone number can be large – whatever you want.

  • Color Scheme – You can use solid colors, patterns, or a custom design. A printer is the one doing the heavy lifting so get as detailed as you’d like.

  • Graphic Placement – You get to decide where the logo goes, where your phone number goes, and where any other graphics live on the vehicle.

Getting a Quote on Vehicle Advertising

The simple and honest answer to the question, “Does vehicle wrap advertising work?” is Yes! If you think vehicle advertising is the way to go for your business, don’t wait around and lose more sales. Get in contact with the experts at The Artworks today. We’ve been designing and installing custom vehicle business wraps since 1986. We will show you why vehicle advertising is a smart investment.

Whether you operate a plumbing service, roofing company, or county police force, The Artworks has the expertise and experience to help you through the design process, install a flawless wrap, and help you generate passive dollars for years. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and start your project so explore our website for past work or give us a call for a quote today.