Imagine a firetruck trying to nab speeders. It wouldn’t be successful for a major reason – it’s too visible. While it’s important for law enforcement to be visible and available it’s also important for law enforcement to nab bad guys, something that’s more difficult if the bad guys can see police from miles away.

When it’s time for law enforcement to blend into the natural environment they turn to ghost graphics. Ghost graphics aren’t new on the market but have become more popular over the past several years as law enforcement departments across the country take advantage of the stealthy mark of reflective color-matched graphics.

Ghost Graphics

If you want to upgrade your police force or need a better way to catch school zone speeders, ghost graphics are an ideal way to do it. Let’s learn more about ghost graphics including what they are, your options, and how to get started for your department today.

Stealth Police Car Graphics

When someone refers to a ghost police car, they’re not talking about a Crown Victoria that’s come back from the dead but a police vehicle that has taken advantage of ghost graphics.

Ghost graphics are low-visibility vinyl wraps or decals designed to blend into the vehicle’s original design and paint scheme. Ghost grpahics earned their name because they blend into a car’s natural appearance rather than contrast it. In most cases the graphics are applied in the same color as the vehicle for a stealthy appearance, but are often reflective to increase safety and visibility in low light.

Ghost graphics allow law enforcement vehicles to remain clearly marked but at the same time provide stealth where it’s needed like speed traps or surprise situations. They can be used for the cruiser’s ID, the police department wordmark, and much more.

Steakth Police Car Graphics
Law Enforcement Chost Graphics
Sheriff Vehicle Stealth Graphics

Benefits of Ghost Graphics

  • Stealth Police Car Graphics – The biggest idea behind ghost graphics is to create a stealth police car that still has all required markings for the department. While the vehicle will be obvious to someone looking for an officer, it will blend in for all other motorists. Think of stealth police cars as a better version of an unmarked cruiser.

  • Other Vehicles – Ghost graphics work on any vehicle no matter the paint color or model. You can turn your fleet of Chevy Impalas or Ford Explorers into stealth police cars.

  • Customizable Graphics – With vinyl graphics you can choose what goes on the cruiser as well as its typeface, color, size, location, chevrons and much more. You can make your vehicles totally unique with a customizable graphics.

  • Affordable – Most police departments across the country are looking for ways to save money and the answer is ghost graphics. Unlike an entire custom paint job, police car vehicle graphics are much easier to apply and cost less to make. Those savings are passed onto the police department.

The Stealth Graphics Process

Police Graphics Design

The design is an especially important piece of your vehicle’s graphics. You need to choose the right color, size, font, and other design aspects of the stealth police car for practicality and aesthetics. The words need to be easily readable but not immediately eye-catching at the same time. These designs will need to be approved by both the wrap company and whomever oversees the department.

Police Graphics Application

Once the design is signed off on the wrap or decal process can begin. Graphics for a stealth police car don’t require the same prep work or sanding like a custom paint job and don’t normally require more than 1-2 days of your police cruiser in the wrap shop. If you’re only applying a few graphics the process can take as little as a few hours. Graphics packages can also be created and shipped to your departments location for third-party installation or by your fleet manager.

What Should be Included in Stealth Graphics?

Vinyl graphics are customizable but there are standard things that are required by the law or by department. Every police vehicle wrap regardless of options will likely feature:

  • The word ‘Police’ or ‘Sheriff’
  • Location of department
  • Vehicle ID
  • Emergency contact phone or 911
  • Roof ID (This portion should always be reflective or thermal imaging film)
  • Mission statement or motto
  • Police star, badge, or other law enforcement indicator

Reflective Vinyl Wrap for Police Cars

Police car graphics are 100% customizable and that’s not just font and wording. You have the option of a reflective vinyl wrap, nonreflective vinyl wrap, or a mixture of the two. You can keep a non-reflective coating to most of the vehicle, but make sure your police department logo or vehicle number is highly visible.

Getting the Job Done

If you’ve decided ghost graphics are needed for your police fleet, it’s important to make the right hire. Use this checklist for hiring a great ghost reflective graphics designer:

Prior Experience with Law Enforcement – Because they’re on police vehicles, ghost graphics require special attention and care. You only want to hire a vinyl wrap company with several years of experience working with law enforcement or at the least with government agencies.

Free Estimates – You can’t sign up 100 cruisers for ghost graphics if you haven’t done your research.

Great Reviews – Only hire a company with several high-quality reviews across multiple review platforms like Google or the BBB.

Other Uses for Ghost Graphics

Commercial/Fleet Vehicles – Reflective graphics work on any vehicle, not just police cruisers. Use reflective vinyl to make your company’s fleet stand out. The reflective material grabs attention whenever your fleet is on the road, especially in the evenings.

Other Government Vehicles – Police vehicles aren’t the only municipal vehicle that can enjoy the stealth look. You can utilize reflective material for any municipal or government vehicles for a cohesive look and added safety.

Sports Teams / Clubs – How much cooler would you feel if your softball team showed up in a cool vehicle with graphics showing off your mascot and colors? Because vinyl graphics are less expensive than a full custom paint job you can have everyone on the team chip in a little to show off team spirit.

Church / School Groups – It’s not important for your church van to look stealthy but it can certainly look more unique with custom graphics.

Get Ghosted Today

You want your police vehicles to be identifiable, but you also need stealth to put away the bad guys – ghost graphics let you do both. If you’re ready talk design for your department, contact The Artworks for all your ghost graphics needs.