Ace Handyman Fleet Graphics

Ace Handyman - Commercial Fleet Graphics When Ace Hardware decided to expand their business to include handyman services, a franchisee came to The Artworks for their fleet graphics needs. Despite being based out of Colorado Springs, this Ace Handyman Service chose our vehicle graphics design, print, and install services. Our expert team of installers did a flawless installation of die-cut vinyl to give the appearance of a full [...]

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All Copy Fleet Graphics

All Copy - Commercial Fleet Graphics Brand consistency and recognition. One of the things that we really pride ourselves on here is our attention to detail on ensuring brand consistency across all different vehicle platforms. Our friends over at All Copy Products have all sorts of vehicles to be able to do their job efficiently. We worked closely with them on their brand re-design recently and we wanted [...]

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Chevy Silverado – Mossy Oak Wrap

Chevy Silverado - Mossy Oak Wrap When being stealth is of utmost importance, a vehicle wrap doesn't always have to stand out. On the streets, this Silverado might not blend in but when off the beaten path it's as stealth as they come. The Artworks custom wrapped this Chevy Silverado in Mossy Oak Camo. The owner of this Silverado is a sponsored shooter for Mossy Oak and was [...]

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Lotus Evora – Color Change Wrap

Lotus Ecora - Vinyl Wrap What do you do when you've got an exotic car that still needs to stand out form the crowd? The team at Weisco Motors needed just that, so they trusted The Artworks with performing a full color change wrap on their Lotus Evora. Whether you're looking for a full or partial color change to separate your vehicle from others on the road, or [...]

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Autonation Fleet Graphics – Parade of Lights

Autonation Fleet Graphics - Parade of Lights When our friends at Autonation needed fleet graphics for their Parade of Lights vehicles they contacted The Artworks for a custom design and install. This fleet is a prime example of how with proper design, any vehicle in a fleet can have matching graphics package and increase brand cohesion. Utilizing the same design conecpt we wrapped a Jeep Compass, GMC Sierra, [...]

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Harley Davidson Embossed Skulls and Custom Flames

Harley Davidson - Partial Wrap This partial custom vinyl wrap on a Harley Davidson showcases unique smoke and flames with one-off embossed skull. The smoke and flames were printed on Avery Dennison film and laid over top of a custom vinyl cut skull to give it the subtle, yet distinct embossed look. The partial green vinyl really pops against the metallic blue factory paint of this bike. Contact [...]

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Neebo Box Truck Fleet Graphics

Box Truck Fleet Graphics - Full Wrap Here's two of more than twenty 24' box trucks wrapped for our client Neebo. The box trucks came to The Artworks in stock yellow paint and were fully wrapped to completely change the look of the fleet and give a uniform appearance to the whole fleet. Fleet Graphics is our specialty, and as you can see, the stock color of a [...]

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Harley Davidson – 2 Tone Vinyl Wrap

Two-tone Matte White & Black Wrap Can decide what color to wrap your Harley Davidson? The team at The Artworks has you covered. This customer wanted a custom look for his Harley Davidson, so he elected to wrap one half in matte white, while letting the factory paint shine on the other. Contact The Artworks in Denver, CO for more information on Custom Car Wraps. [...]

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AUDI A4 – Custom Vinyl Wrap

Avery Dennison Satin White w/ Bubblegum Pink This custom vinyl wrapped AUDI A4 began life as a black vehicle but left The Artworks wrapped in Avery Dennison Satin White with custom bubblegum pink accents. Full color change wraps are becoming more popular as a way to customize vehicles and protect a vehicles factory paint. This AUDI is a prime example of how drastically a car can be changed [...]

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Toyota 4Runner – Vinyl Wrap

Toyota 4Runner Vinyl Wrap - Matte Black An already beautiful SUV made better looking with help from The Artworks in Denver, CO. This Toyota 4Runner got some accent details in matte black to contrast the vivid factory red paint. Our team wrapped the hood in matte black, as well as a section of the front and rear bumpers. To top it all off and add some extra flair, [...]

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